Jurnal Bioedukatika

ISSN 2338-6630 (Print) | 2541-5646 (Online)

Accreditation: Sinta 2

Organizers: Pendidikan Biologi FKIP


Dr. Trianik Widyaningrum, M.Si

Email: trianik.widyaningrum@pbio.uad.ac.id

Phone/Mobile: 0816682123

About the journal

JURNAL BIOEDUKATIKA is a scientific journal that manages by Biology Education Department, and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan as a publisher. This journal set as journal national accredited with a grade on level SINTA 2 by the Ministry Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (RISTEKBRIN) Indonesia. JURNAL BIOEDUKATIKA published three times a year (February, June, October), with a focus on field biology education. Scope covering is a Curriculum to studies biology, teaching and learning biology, media for learning biology, assessment learning biology, biology learning resources. But scope not coverage biology education in elementary school, more preferred in Senior high school, university, and society. Article published is the results of research and systematic literature review. Manuscripts that are not in accordance with the scope and not English version will not be considered to be published. We also discourage manuscripts written by a single author.

Aims and Scope

Biology Education, Media learning of biology, Evaluation of biology learning